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What is Broadway Kidz? 

Ever sat through a somewhat painful choir concert or dance recital to support a child from your family or neighborhood?


Broadway Kidz is NOT that experience. Each annual installation of Broadway Kidz is a work of theatre using an exciting combination of popular music to tell original stories. ​ Broadway Kidz is an educational program. But it is not a tuition-based singing group or dance lesson. Participants pay a minimal fee and their parents volunteer in order to make the show happen. The kids learn singing and dance technique from qualified professionals as they prepare a show good enough that the program is funded by ticket sales alone. ​


Broadway Kidz features over 100 youth between 5 and 18 years old. Some BK alumni have gone on to professional theatre, film and recording careers. Some or our older participants met their future spouses in the cast. Others have simply used the BK experience to develop their confidence and ability to express themselves.


Because of the intrinsic entertainment value of Broadway Kidz, it was part of the regular theatre season of Draper Historic Theatre from 1998 to 2008. It was attended by family and friends of the cast as well as by regular patrons of the theatre. You don't have to have a kid in the show to find it entertaining. ​ Broadway Kidz is a tradition, a social experience, an educational experience, an influence for good.


A Brief History


Broadway Kidz was included as part of the regular season at Draper Historic Theatre.  It was the often the most successful show of the year. 


Broadway Kidz was sponsored by Draper Arts Council.  It was performed most years in the beautiful Draper Amphitheater


Broadway Kidz became their own company and performed on the BK stage behind Draper Park Middle School.    



Heroes and Legends, a tribute to American History, back with Draper Arts Council on the Summit Academy Stage.


Took a year off for director Kevin McClellan's son's wedding and a kitchen remodel.


So excited to be back in Draper Amphitheater