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Broadway Kidz: Hit the Books 2

Directed by Kevin McClellan, Liz Edmison, Alicia Anderson, Marilyn Valentine and Emily Anderson​

Much more of a book musical than a revue. 


Act 1: We meet Reid and Lyra (Andrew and Avery McClellan) at the age of three.  Their mother reads them classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales with a twistt (such as Goldilocks singing the Rolling Stones)


Act 2: Reid, now 11 (Ethan Van de Veur) is into comic books but he's also being bullied at school. 


Act 3: Lyra now 14 is into all the popular teen novels (Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games) and into a boy who reminds her romantic heart of all three of them.  When he turns out to be more like Voldemort than Harry, she must make a choice.


Act 4: Lyra now married is reading travel books instead of her college textbooks, because what else would inspire a rousing Bollywood number.  In the meantime, her brother Reid has 7 kids and reads parenting guides with not too much success.  Reid also realizes that it may be more important to read to his son than about the upsetting things going on in the world. 

If you have any info from this installment of BK (photos, video clips funny stories or cast member names) please email them to Kevin mickeyateast@gmail.com